Happy Valentines Day! A bit of this and that.

pastelA lovely pastel picture from Isabel.

heartsjpg A basket of hearts from Melina. My little one said she forgot to make us anything!

flowerspinkpancakespink pancakestoiletryI gave each of the girls a valentine mailbox (purchased from the dollar store) and filled it with little toiletries and candies. They love stuff like that and I like it because it’s something useful. Makes them happy and it makes me happy. They also received a Beanie Boo each to hang off of their backpacks.IMG_3703 valentines Day

IMG_3710  apronThe day before Valentines Day, my mom invited all of the kids to make valentines Day cookies. She made the girls an apron each and had them waiting for them on each of their chairs. It was so cute!  IMG_3667happybakingIMG_3675Valentines Day And last but not least, the girls each made valentine cards from their dolls to each of their sisters dolls!