Hot cocoa bombs

I am so proud of these hot cocoa bombs and I didn’t even make them. My two oldest, Isabel and Melina did! (And actually we could have never gotten through them without lias help in watching little liam) I bought the molds for Christmas but they got here late so the other day Isabel decided it was time to make them. I Was kinda hesitant thinking “oh dear another mess to clean up!” But oh my goodness, these were so easy and fun to make! I watched as they hot bombed away. Its crazy for me to think that my kids are at an age where they are self sufficient for the most part and can create things in the kitchen without my assistance. They do however leave everything for me to clean, but I don’t mind. I’m always right there on top of them making sure things don’t get too messy…I’m pretty annoying like that. Anyhow,  just love the way my kids dive into stuff like this. I was reluctant to make these, worried they would bomb, not in a good way and my daughters proved the only way to make them was to try!!! Love you girls!!! And you too Liam!

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