Melina and her Whiteboard


We purchased this whiteboard for the girls over a year ago. You can find a similar one here. It’s the most played with item in our home. Every single one of us including my husband has used this board to draw or teach something to anyone whose willing to learn. Melina especially loves teaching her class with it. There is not one day that goes by (unless we are not home) that she does not sit in this corner and play school while using this whiteboard. She literally becomes a teacher. I seriously believe she is ready to teach kindergarten! It’s so cute to watch. I love her passion. She puts on her little high heal shoes, gets her teaching books out, her dry erase markers and she just teaches, teaches, teaches. Sometimes her sisters and I sit in on her class. Sometimes her dad does too! It always amazes me how she always has something prepared for us to do, whether its an art project or a new letter to¬† learn. I think she will make an amazing teacher one day, whether it’s a classroom full of children or a dining room filled with her own children. There is a seed inside of her and I can’t wait to see how it grows.