Raising a MET player

Born to catch, throw and play ball. He wants to be a MET player and I believe he wil be. 

Happy Mother’s Day

Just another day, only a little more special because shes in it.

Perfect pair

If liam could have hand picked his dad, this is definitely the man he would have picked for the job. No words to express how much these two need eachother.


Seventeen years ago we were experiencing the magic of having a 2 month old around the house.  Today we experienced her being asked to junior prom in the most magical way possible.  Two hundred tealights, lighting up the sky and her heart. May she experience magic like this all of the days of her life.

Little gardener

Potting some flowers and planting some carrot seeds…well, because you eat so many carrots!


Where do the years ago? Thank goodness for pictures!

I’m glad I enjoyed every little bit of them.

I have a 17 year old!!

There was a time when I considered her my little baby, she was helpless and needed me. Now, shes one of my best friends and someone I can call on when im feeling helpless.

Happiest 17th birthday my little queen. 

Little moments

It’s finally cold enough to convince you to wear a jacket and snow pants! Only took a few years.