Melinas class

Today I was talking to a friend and was expressing to her how easy it was when the kids were younger as far as planning activities to do with them. As they are getting older, they know what they want to play and do. They love playing barbies and school together and they have their own ideas of how things are going to go. I dont need to set up and plan activities for them anymore. The foundation has been set and they’ve taken off. It’s nice, but then again I miss planning and prepping crafts/activities for them. If they want to create something, they go and find what they need and they go off and make it. They’re so creative. Always cutting and pasting and making things. Melina loves to play school and is constantly coming up with daily plans and activities for her students to do. She amazes me with how serious she is about her class. She puts in 100%, preparing lessons for the week, searching for dittos and fun activities for whoever is willing to participate in her class. She even gives out the best prizes. I showed her a site called and she found this cute little spring bingo game. She had my younger daughter and I color and cut out the bingo pieces and then paste it onto a bingo board. We played bingo for over an hour. Each winner got a sticker and we got to pick out of a prize box. I had so much fun. I told her how I used to be the one coming up with fun things to do and now she was the one doing it. It made me realize that they’re growing up and are capable of so much more. It was nice to be on the other end of the activity. I wasn’t the one who planned it and prepped it but I definitely had a blast playing it. You’re going to make an incredible mom and teacher some day!