Simply Fun

Here are some quick, fun ideas to do with your kids when you’ve run out of things to do. Now go and have some fun!

fort My husband is king of making forts and I’m queen of taking them down! Even though it makes me a little crazy inside to see this in our dining room, the kids go nuts for it!

fortreadingThe only time I’ve ever let my children on top of the dining room table was when and only when it’s part of a fort.

picnicBy the time I thought of taking a picture, all of the goodies were gone. Since all three spent the whole week sick with fevers, they got to choose a cupcake or brownie for this days snack which made it extra special.

antiquingThe girls love exploring antique shops as you can see here! Especially the ones with jewelry and hats and shoes! They love looking at trinkets and spending a couple of dollars on something really special. Antiquing is definitely always a fun time! Try it!