Liam has a ball at the children’s museum

Born 6 months before the COVID Pandemic hit our earth, days of visiting museums and libraries feels like a thing of the past. Liam has spent most of his days running around the yard and the cul-de-sac. He’s definitely a nature boy at heart and as long as he has a ball to play with he is happy! Today we got free passes from the library and went off to visit the east end children’s museum. I figured it would be something different for him and it’d be nice for him to see other children. The Museum was incredibly organized! Upon arrival, waiting for us was a wagon with our name on it, in it were bins filled with items that corresponded to each center. I thought this was brilliant. Each family had their own items to use making it sanitary and safe for everyone. Of course the first thing that caught Liams eyes were the three balls in one of the bins. That’s all it took, one look and all he needed to entertain him in this beautiful happy place filled with all kinds of rooms and activities was a ball. I think he his obsessed?