Christmas Tree

Christmas is in full swing. Last weekend we headed down to Luins Farms in Calverton to get our tree. What a fun experience. We have never been there before for tree shopping. My nephew told me all about it and we loved it. Along side from the delicious hot chocolate and super soft hot pretzels you get to take a fairly long tractor ride down to a selection of beautiful trees. We had so much fun walking and searching to find that perfect tree. We somehow always seem to agree on that one special tree. We usually get something bigger, but this year we went with a smaller and fuller tree. Dad always does a wonderful job chopping it down. My favorite part was getting back on the tractor and watching our tree travel on the big wagon with all of the other trees. It’s always so exciting to bring the tree home and begin decorating. The energy is so high and then I start to lose my helpers, one by one they go off and find something else to do and a box of ornaments sits by the tree. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to get that last ornament on the tree. When all is said and done there’s nothing more lovely! 

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