I love watching Liam as he discovers the world around him. He is definatley in his zone when he is out doors. His favorite way of discovering things right now is by tasting and chewing everything. Discovery through play is beginning and it’s one of my favorite times. I love this little poem titled Play Days I found in our Treasury of Mother Goose Rhymes book.

How many days has my baby to play?

Saturday, Sunday, Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday;

Saturday, Sunday, Monday,

Hop away, skip away,

My baby wants to play.

My baby wants to play every day.


Liam, may your days of play never be limited.

Happiness is

a kiss under the table

baking cookies just because

sitting in a quiet place

a whisper from above

hearing the girls say “daddy’s home”

baby giggles

listening to my girls play the flute


painting a rainbow

a veggie platter

talking to a friend

playing with your sister

playing with your brother

a slobbery dog kiss

gathering fresh eggs

reading a book

calling saba

calling nonna

talking with cousins

reading old notes

taking a walk


Playing dress up



girls playing barbies


happiness is right now.