Barbie Flashback

I went downstairs in the basement with liam today to look for puzzles and flashbacks of you girls playing barbies down here immediately took me down memory lane. Of course the memories are not from too long ago but it’s been a while since the 3 of you have played together. The Barbies are still set up, and look like they’re super busy and really happy! The homes, the community, the shops you all created together with so much love and passion are alive down here. Hours of playing, creating, learning, imagining, building, inventing. These barbies had real lives, families, farms, businesses, jobs. Their homes were carefully and intentionally decorated. Children had beds and lots of toys and artwork that they created hung in their rooms. Shelves were organized and furniture and tableware was abundant for their large family dinners. There was storage and parking areas for family cars. Each barbie had a name and a personality. They had hectic schedules to be followed. There was soccer and gymnastics for little skippers to be at. Art classes, sewing school and I think some of the kids were homeschooled. There were meals to be made and backpacks to be stuffed. There were baby nurseries, playgrounds oh and lots and lots of children. Families with 6 to 21 kids. But if those kids became too much, you just got rid of them. Things can change quickly in barbie land, like the amount of kids you have, or what you do for a living or it can last up to 5 months, like thanksgiving or christmas. There were elaborate weddings with up to 150 guests, with cake and a ln incredible spread of food. There were christenings, bat mitzvahs, adoption celebrations and lots and lots of holidays. Grandma’s looked amazing and moms wore the most stylish clothes. Barbie makes raising 20 kids so easy!

Cousins played here too, bringing up to 30 or more of their own barbies. They celebrated together and shared in eachothers barbie events. These barbies had a good life and soon we will have to be put them away. So many lessons learned and memories made that will last a lifetime. Maybe, one day,  a new generation of girls to bring them back to life again. Liam is going to need a man cave!