Sandwiched in the middle, you’ve always found your way to wiggle out and shine. You’re unique, quirky, loud, silent, fashion obsessed, starbucks lover, know it all but you sure do know how to make a delicious sandwich .

Finally happy at pre-school

Your first time at pre school was truley your first time away from me and your family. Although the program is only 2 days a week, for a couple of hours, I Had a feeling you werent going to skip your way into class, and in a way, after 3 kids who cried everyday I left them at pre school, I definitely anticipated you would cry. But I anticipated you would cry way longer, for many more days and weeks to come.

You cried so much the first day that Mrs. Ellen called me back the minute I arrived home to come back to the school and hang out with you. I didn’t mind, actually I was happy she was that kind of teacher. She wanted you to be happy, not traumatized. What I felt like would never get better, she knew would get better with time.

The 2nd day, you made me promise to wait on the front steps. Silly me, I did. And I would hear you behind the door screaming for me. They finally called me to come in for the remainder hour amd a half of the class. And happily I did.

To my surprise, with each drop off you got less worried and much more happier. I think by your 4th day you finally got the picture. And I finally got to leave you knowing that I wasn’t going to have to head back to the pre school again.