I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I want my girls to go back to being little. I reflect on the days that they were 2,4 and 6. The days where things went as I planned and they spent hours playing along together in whatever activity I had set up for them. Days where problems were little and easily solved, days where singing and storytime made you a hero. I miss them little,  and would love to revisit those days, but I’m also enjoying how big and independent they’ve become and how now instead of me solving their problems we solve them together or they’re solving them on their own. I’m also relieved that they don’t need me to set up each and every activity for them, these days I can find them creating their own daily magic while I get the things I need to get done. Now a days I can find a 9 year old baking a cake entirely on her own. I don’t need to stop what I’m doing or say “hold on”, let me get everything ready. She’s fully equipped and capable and its such a wonderful treat, something I definitely couldn’t experience if they were still really little. Thank you Lia.

One moment

If I could live one moment for the rest of my life it would be this one right here. The afternoon sun was laying perfectly in all of the right places. The kids were scattered outside. One was clipping flowers, another was drawing with chalk, one was wandering around and one was photographing for me. The moment felt still and quiet and just perfect. No one fighting, surrounded by an abundance of natures beauty. We all felt the moment and agreed it was perfect.