Things aren’t always what they seem

I have to laugh when I see these pictures. When you look at them, it seems as Liam is doing some heavy duty cleaning. Looks like I can put my feet up because I’ve got someone doing the job for me. Well, liams definitely got all of the right cleaning moves, however what you cant hear in the picture is all of the banging he was doing with my vacuum extension. He was walking around terrorizing my kitchen cabinets and doors. He could care less about cleaning. Just goes to show you that things aren’t always what they seem.

Halloween 2020

Since you were wee little you have loved Halloween. And this year since trick or treating was not recommended you decided to throw a spooky walk halloween party for your family and friends and you did an amazing job! You told me “mom, this year we need to go all out.” So we gave you a small budget and you took right off. You spent weeks shopping, decorating, rain or shine, for hours at a time. Created and sent out your own invitation. You made lists and checked them off making sure to have enough activities planned. From playing  Among Us, to Mummy wrapping and a Touch and Feel table you entertained our guests and got them all pumped up for the scariest spooky walk I’ve ever been too. It was so scarey that not one of us had the thought to take a picture while walking through it in the dark. But here are some pictures of the trail that I took the morning after. 

The trail might not seem so spooky during the day, but its what jumped out at you during the night that was terrifying…A witch, a joker, someone wrapped in a white sheet swinging quietly on a swing, a wood chopper walking slowly behind you, an elderly man sitting quietly in the dark under the tree, the uncertainty of who was to meet you next on the quarter mile trail was frightening and exciting! I can’t believe all of the little details you thought of. Thank you also to the sweet little Dorothy who helped big sister decorate and our cute little baseball who just continues to roll around this place. And big big sister, making sure we are all following the rules! and of course to dad who works so hard for us, you made another dream come true.

Its amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. I am so happy that we could help to make your vision come true! You and your sisters are capable of anything! From now on, you girls are in charge of all the parties.