Happy 1st Birthday Liam

You came into our lives a year and 7 days ago.  You light up our lives. We love your smile, your giggles, your obsession with balls. You make life new again. Happy birthday sweet little boy. Hope you enjoyed your 1st birthday party.

Jesus, my friend

In times of uncertainty and things unknown, I get so happy when I remember that Jesus, my friend, is right there waiting for me. I don’t need a phone to call him or a car ride to see him. I don’t need a fee or a ticket. I don’t need a subscription or a prescription. No line to wait on, no instagram account or facebook. He’s just right there, ready for me.

A red carpet surprise

Happy birthday Melina! Surprising you was so much fun and we hope you had the time of your life. You are a VIP sister, daughter, and friend. We can’t imagine our lives with out you. Hope you enjoyed your first walk down the red carpet.

Happy Birthday Melina

Happy 11th birthday Melina! I hope the world brings you as much joy as you bring to us! Keep shining your light.