Monthly mental health at museum

Moments like this have been happening because I’ve been giving the girls a choice to take a day off of school to experience an outing with Liam during the week. Of course Lia is usually the most willing to take a day off from school. The other two are in junior high so it’s not so easy anymore for them to take a day off.

Once kids start school its difficult to spend times like these together. The weekend comes and there’s so much needed to do that there’s not enough time to do the things you’d like to do. Also, on the weekends fun and entertaining places like this are so mobbed and also overpriced, they are often less enjoyable. Lia enjoyed her special time with her brother and we enjoyed reminicing about the times we would all go together with Isabel and Melina.

Packing and eating lunch at the museum is always my favorite part! Liams is the beach with the sand and this time Lia really enjoyed the radio broadcasting exhibit. She found a love for something she never knew she had. Apparently there’s lots of learning to be had even on a day off from school. Love you my sweet children.