Crazy plant lady

I’ve always loved the look of plants. When I go to my moms house I feel like I’m at the botanical garden. It’s so bright and green with foliage draping down her spiral stair case. I’ve never believed myself to have a green thumb. The few plants I have throughout my home are alive and well but they are also the type of plants that don’t need much attention because if they did they would have died many years ago. The other night I finally had an opportunity to watch something of my choice and I looked for some homesteading show. We are looking to plant a garden this summer so I figured I’d find some interesting shows on it. But instead I came upon a woman named Summer Rayne Oakes and she literally has a jungle growing in her Brooklyn apartment. At first I thought omg crazy plant lady but I quickly became inspired by her and her passion for each and every plant she housed. There were so many beautiful varieties of plants and succulents and ferns. And her place exuded life and happiness. Since that night I’ve come upon a new interested and am so excited to explore it further. I always thought like many other false beliefs, either your born with it or your not. As I’m getting older my new belief is if you’re interested than It’s possible. And in this season of my life I’m interested in raising some plants, so that’s what I’m going to do. Just like my mother had learned to aquire a green thumb I know I can have one too. I started researching low light indoor plants and am trying to teach myself how to properly care for them. Today I brought home my first ZZ plant and a Fiddle Leaf Ficus. I didn’t even know these plants existed. They are so lovely and I’m so excited to welcome them into our home. I’m usually known as the lady with so many kids but I might be entering the season of crazy plant lady. I want my kids to always be curious and know that if they have enough interest in something than they can do it just as well as anyone else can. work hard, research and you can learn anything!

Law of attraction

A couple of weeks ago I said that every winter we should be guaranteed a month of snow and it hasn’t stopped snowing since!!! I LOVE SNOW, especially if its consistent and stays around for a little bit. Dont get me wrong, I cringe at the snow filled boots in and out of the house and snow gear in and out of the dryer and I hate my slopy driveway and feel like I’m going to slip and fall and I dont like how I can never get my car up the driveway and I hate how our front steps get icy, and I’m the worst snow shovler but I just love the joy it brings the kids and how pretty the world looks and that’s enough reason for a snow fall. Don’t know how much more snow fall is expected this year but I’m going to enjoy every single inch.


I wish we were guaranteed snow every year. Like every January it should snow for the entire month. I love snowdays and though in this season of my life snow days are more like “work” days I still absolutely love them. I love them because one, my kids love them, two, it makes everything look pretty and three, I know there is no where that I have to be other than near the dryer putting in and taking out snowsuits or walking around with a towel drying up the trail of icy snow or brewing hot water for a hot cup of hot cocoa. I do make sure to take a sleigh ride down or driveway and sit with the girls under their special outdoor hiding place. My snowdays may not be as carefree as they used to be but I still find them absolutely exciting. Looks like Barbie had a carefree snowday!


Its 5:30am. Eyes wide open. Shut off my 6 am alarm. Its been months since I’ve actually relied on my alarm. I search the bed to see if Liam is somewhere in it or did he actually sleep in his own bed through the night. Brush teeth, down stairs I go. Bels at the island eating her usual morning cheerios. 13 years old, almost 14. Ive never had to drag that girl out of bed. If anything, when she was little I always tried to figure out how to keep her in bed longer. Lia is already dressed, 9 years old. Wow, i dont think I had these good habits at her age. Definitely something I have aquired after kids were born. And well, since she was born shes been used to the routine of being up and getting ready for school with her sisters. Melinas making her way down. Bed is made immaculately! I think its about 6:15 am now. Wow, these kids are really impressive. Blows my mind how fast they have grown and how responsible little ladies theh are. I did always tell them since they were little “the early bird catches the worm” and well if they were birds theyd definitely be stuffing their faces with lots of yummy worms. 6:45 am off to drive isabel to school, she can totally take the bus but I love our little 10 minute drives to school and why not. I’ve got the time to spare. Lia and melina keep a good eye on Liam who if has not up yet is always up by the time I get back from drop off. Mommmmmmmmy! Love that sound! It’s how I get greeted from Liam. 7:15 am lunches to be made for the next two and then off to a quick shower. Pick up here, pick up there, 7:58 am almost time to see melina and Lia off to school. Bus doesn’t come until 8:12 am but they insist we need to be out there now! Lately its been freezing, my bones get so cold, I walk them to the bus stop with my eyes! Nice to be able to see them from my porch on days like this. Wave good bye as Mr. Joe passes on the yellow bus. Liam waves through the window. 8: 15 am. Time to clean up after the morning. Liam thinks its time to throw balls. I say “Liam, it is too early to throw balls”, I say this because I know this is something he can do all day long and I just can’t start playing this early! Throw some towels in the wash, clean down all bathrooms, do my usual morning vacuum. Amir always says “what can their possibly be to vacuum if you vacuumed last night” or there’s lots of stuff, believe me!!!! In and out of all of the rooms, make sure house is ready for a new start. Girls room have become less and less something I have to clean, other than dusting they keep it so clean. Thank you girls! Dads little office space is another story, but thanks for all that you do. I dont mind spending the rest of my life cleaning up after you. 10:30 am, so much has been done already and an entire day to still go. Second attempt to out Liam down for a nap finally looks promising. Finish up some odds and ends so when he wakes up I am all his to play with until the afternoon chaos of kids and cooking and cleaning all over aging begins. I just realized the chickens still need to be fed!

Hot cocoa bombs

I am so proud of these hot cocoa bombs and I didn’t even make them. My two oldest, Isabel and Melina did! (And actually we could have never gotten through them without lias help in watching little liam) I bought the molds for Christmas but they got here late so the other day Isabel decided it was time to make them. I Was kinda hesitant thinking “oh dear another mess to clean up!” But oh my goodness, these were so easy and fun to make! I watched as they hot bombed away. Its crazy for me to think that my kids are at an age where they are self sufficient for the most part and can create things in the kitchen without my assistance. They do however leave everything for me to clean, but I don’t mind. I’m always right there on top of them making sure things don’t get too messy…I’m pretty annoying like that. Anyhow,  just love the way my kids dive into stuff like this. I was reluctant to make these, worried they would bomb, not in a good way and my daughters proved the only way to make them was to try!!! Love you girls!!! And you too Liam!

Precious Moments

I love moments like these. They pop up here and there and they make me so happy.

All is calm, all is bright

Ok, so all is not calm but with all of these smiling faces around here the days are pretty bright. Loud and chaotic, crazy and uncertain but there’s alot of brightness. Wishing those who celebrate the lights a very bright and happy Chanukah!

Things aren’t always what they seem

I have to laugh when I see these pictures. When you look at them, it seems as Liam is doing some heavy duty cleaning. Looks like I can put my feet up because I’ve got someone doing the job for me. Well, liams definitely got all of the right cleaning moves, however what you cant hear in the picture is all of the banging he was doing with my vacuum extension. He was walking around terrorizing my kitchen cabinets and doors. He could care less about cleaning. Just goes to show you that things aren’t always what they seem.

Halloween 2020

Since you were wee little you have loved Halloween. And this year since trick or treating was not recommended you decided to throw a spooky walk halloween party for your family and friends and you did an amazing job! You told me “mom, this year we need to go all out.” So we gave you a small budget and you took right off. You spent weeks shopping, decorating, rain or shine, for hours at a time. Created and sent out your own invitation. You made lists and checked them off making sure to have enough activities planned. From playing  Among Us, to Mummy wrapping and a Touch and Feel table you entertained our guests and got them all pumped up for the scariest spooky walk I’ve ever been too. It was so scarey that not one of us had the thought to take a picture while walking through it in the dark. But here are some pictures of the trail that I took the morning after. 

The trail might not seem so spooky during the day, but its what jumped out at you during the night that was terrifying…A witch, a joker, someone wrapped in a white sheet swinging quietly on a swing, a wood chopper walking slowly behind you, an elderly man sitting quietly in the dark under the tree, the uncertainty of who was to meet you next on the quarter mile trail was frightening and exciting! I can’t believe all of the little details you thought of. Thank you also to the sweet little Dorothy who helped big sister decorate and our cute little baseball who just continues to roll around this place. And big big sister, making sure we are all following the rules! and of course to dad who works so hard for us, you made another dream come true.

Its amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. I am so happy that we could help to make your vision come true! You and your sisters are capable of anything! From now on, you girls are in charge of all the parties.

Son, its ok to cry

Today is a good day to cry it out. One day, when you are ready to talk, I will be here to listen.