Getting Thrifty

I’ve been on a hunt for a used bike. Something I can use to ride around the neighborhood with my girls. I can’t see spending money on a brand new bike for myself, especially since I’m not planning to go far with it. The girls and I have been casually looking around at our local thrift shops hoping to find something decent. In searching for my bike the girls have found several of their own goodies.
These girls are thrifters at heart. At a young age, they already understand that the dollar goes a long way at a thrift store. They love looking through racks of clothes, they gleam with excitement calling “mom” at every treasure they find. It must be a girl thing! They found lots of adorable rompers, t-shirts and denims, I just couldn’t let them pass it up. Most of the clothes look brand new, name brand stuff I would never pay original price for! My girls don’t even know brand names yet as I pretty much am not into brand names unless of course I find it at a thrift store.Thrifting is definitely something me and my ladies love to do and we always find something which makes us love it even more. Although we’ve purchased household items and small toys before, this was our first time purchasing clothes, and I think the girls and I are hooked! It kinda felt like shopping at Marshalls only much cheaper! These gals just wanna have fun and they want to look good while their doing it, with three girls it can get very expensive! Lucky for me my girls love thrift stores!

We spent $70! We walked out of the store with two Gap denim jackets, one for me, one for Isabel, four Justice t-shirts, a one piece pant romper, a denim dress, 2 denim rompers, a beautiful white dress for melina a cute pair of sandles and a black Loft sweater for me and a cute little leotard for Lia to play gymnastics in.

I realized while I was in the store that this is such an inexpensive way to buy the girls some “new” clothes for the first few days of school. It’s still so hot out, why pay to buy more summer type clothes at a department store when they’ll only be wearing them for a couple of short weeks anyways!

I didn’t find a bike that day, but my girls definitely found some good bargains!Melina left in style for a sleepover at her cousins wearing her thrifted denim romper and all of her necessities packed into her vintage luggage which was one of our big finds last year from the same place. She looked like a million bucks and only spent about $14. The luggage was $10 and her romper was about $4.00! How can you pass that up!

Our treasures above were found at Island Thrift, medford NY.


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