Happy Almost 2019

Can’t believe the holidays are almost over. It feels like we just went out to look for the perfect tree and now the days are quickly approaching where it’s time to put it all away. We have had a blessed, happy, healthy, fulfilling 2018. Nothing big happened (maybe something in 2019) but every day had it’s own special moment with lots of little celebrations in between and little personal accomplishments here and there. Our chickens were the biggest addition to our family and the excitement of finding an egg in the coop never gets old. We’ve been in our new home for a year and half now and we love it more and more each day. The kids have adjusted well and we look forward to making lots of memories here. I’m excited for the new year to begin. I love a fresh start, an excuse to reinvent myself and things around me. I’m hoping to find more time for creativity and to write in this space right here. Happy 2019!

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