Liams favorite things

Almost close to being 2 and a half years old and this little guy has such personality, attitude and already has an opinion of what he likes to wear. He’s afraid of Spiderman shirts at the moment, so those are currently not being worn. He loves to wear his red flannel, and refuses to wear a jacket, hat, gloves or boots. He spent snow days playing with a bin of snow in the house! He’s got us all watching episodes of blippi, I know every song by heart and plan to have our dj play bljppi songs at Melinas batmitzvah. He loves monster trucks, his favorite is Max D. The other day he said “mommy I’m going to buy you a Max D truck. ” and I asked him “how are you going to pay for it?” And he said “with my quarter’s.” I melted.  In a house full of girls he’s 100% lover of all things boy. He sleeps with a bat in his hands, or some kind of ball, and he brings it with him as he makes his way into our bedroom during night. Sometimes I roll over and there’s a bat under my head…ahh the sweetest thing! He’s know all of the right things to say like “mommy, I love you so much, and I love you eye’s and you nails.” Not sure where that came from. He loves his milky and yes, he still likes his boobie time. I know, it’s time to cut him off. But in a season of my life where the days are moving so quickly, I enjoy these quiet, cuddly moments which would otherwise be filled with something else to do. One of my favorite things that he does lately is after he wakes up and we are all downstairs he yells “here I am.” It’s the best, because I am so glad that he’s here. Oh and did I mention, he loves to play backgammon!

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