Crazy plant lady

I’ve always loved the look of plants. When I go to my moms house I feel like I’m at the botanical garden. It’s so bright and green with foliage draping down her spiral stair case. I’ve never believed myself to have a green thumb. The few plants I have throughout my home are alive and well but they are also the type of plants that don’t need much attention because if they did they would have died many years ago. The other night I finally had an opportunity to watch something of my choice and I looked for some homesteading show. We are looking to plant a garden this summer so I figured I’d find some interesting shows on it. But instead I came upon a woman named Summer Rayne Oakes¬†and she literally has a jungle growing in her Brooklyn apartment. At first I thought omg crazy plant lady but I quickly became inspired by her and her passion for each and every plant she housed. There were so many beautiful varieties of plants and succulents and ferns. And her place exuded life and happiness. Since that night I’ve come upon a new interested and am so excited to explore it further. I always thought like many other false beliefs, either your born with it or your not. As I’m getting older my new belief is if you’re interested than It’s possible. And in this season of my life I’m interested in raising some plants, so that’s what I’m going to do. Just like my mother had learned to aquire a green thumb I know I can have one too. I started researching low light indoor plants and am trying to teach myself how to properly care for them. Today I brought home my first ZZ plant and a Fiddle Leaf Ficus. I didn’t even know these plants existed. They are so lovely and I’m so excited to welcome them into our home. I’m usually known as the lady with so many kids but I might be entering the season of crazy plant lady. I want my kids to always be curious and know that if they have enough interest in something than they can do it just as well as anyone else can. work hard, research and you can learn anything!

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