Halloween 2020

Since you were wee little you have loved Halloween. And this year since trick or treating was not recommended you decided to throw a spooky walk halloween party for your family and friends and you did an amazing job! You told me “mom, this year we need to go all out.” So we gave you a small budget and you took right off. You spent weeks shopping, decorating, rain or shine, for hours at a time. Created and sent out your own invitation. You made lists and checked them off making sure to have enough activities planned. From playing  Among Us, to Mummy wrapping and a Touch and Feel table you entertained our guests and got them all pumped up for the scariest spooky walk I’ve ever been too. It was so scarey that not one of us had the thought to take a picture while walking through it in the dark. But here are some pictures of the trail that I took the morning after. 

The trail might not seem so spooky during the day, but its what jumped out at you during the night that was terrifying…A witch, a joker, someone wrapped in a white sheet swinging quietly on a swing, a wood chopper walking slowly behind you, an elderly man sitting quietly in the dark under the tree, the uncertainty of who was to meet you next on the quarter mile trail was frightening and exciting! I can’t believe all of the little details you thought of. Thank you also to the sweet little Dorothy who helped big sister decorate and our cute little baseball who just continues to roll around this place. And big big sister, making sure we are all following the rules! and of course to dad who works so hard for us, you made another dream come true.

Its amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. I am so happy that we could help to make your vision come true! You and your sisters are capable of anything! From now on, you girls are in charge of all the parties.

Son, its ok to cry

Today is a good day to cry it out. One day, when you are ready to talk, I will be here to listen.

Dream big little one

You found this tattered old baseball and thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Can’t wait to be at your game one day.

Happy 1st Birthday Liam

You came into our lives a year and 7 days ago.  You light up our lives. We love your smile, your giggles, your obsession with balls. You make life new again. Happy birthday sweet little boy. Hope you enjoyed your 1st birthday party.

Jesus, my friend

In times of uncertainty and things unknown, I get so happy when I remember that Jesus, my friend, is right there waiting for me. I don’t need a phone to call him or a car ride to see him. I don’t need a fee or a ticket. I don’t need a subscription or a prescription. No line to wait on, no instagram account or facebook. He’s just right there, ready for me.

A red carpet surprise

Happy birthday Melina! Surprising you was so much fun and we hope you had the time of your life. You are a VIP sister, daughter, and friend. We can’t imagine our lives with out you. Hope you enjoyed your first walk down the red carpet.

Happy Birthday Melina

Happy 11th birthday Melina! I hope the world brings you as much joy as you bring to us! Keep shining your light.


9 months and he’s already walking out into this great big world. Daddy holds his hand to protect him from falling but he’s already so independent. He can’t explore his surroundings quick enough. He wants to run and touch and be free. Hes our fourth child and its exciting to watch him bloom like a flower. I know its inevitable that hes going to grow up fast. I already watch our 3 daughters grow up before our very eyes and theres nothing to do to stop it. So this time around, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show.

Mother’s Day

I love coffee. It’s the first thing I look forward to in the morning. It’s my ultimate pleasure, my happy little place. It helps me unwind and it whispers to me “slow down and take a sip”. Early Mother’s day morning I woke up to the wonderful aroma of coffee, eggs and bagels. I never wake up to any food aromas, as I am the person in the house who gets those aromas started each and every day. So my nose and stomach were super delighted! My girls treated me to a most delicious breakfast made with love. They wanted to serve it to me in bed but I don’t like staying in bed any longer than I need to so they served it to me in the dining room. Coffee would have been enough, but they made me my favorite breakfast and just the way I like it.  They even put my favorite table cloth on the table! I was served fried eggs with cheese and a half of a bagel light on the cream cheese. What a treat, not only was it delicious but I loved all of the little details. The flower, the little chocolates, the pretty tray, a little glitter. They know me so well! I was truly impressed. The surprises didn’t end here, I was showered with cards galore, beautiful rocks (one rock had a quote on it that I had written in a book when I was in my 20’s. Apparently everyone thought it was hysterical and they painted it onto a rock for me) and a paper pendant neclace! My day continued to unfold with a beautiful lunch which included a delicious salad made by Amir and Milano cookies followed by a show on the trampoline. After a visit to nonnas we hurried back home where I was surprised with a beautifully put together dinner for two. Amir and I were greeted at the front door by a lovely little waitress named Lia. She had a great big smile and sat us at a window side table for two.Our meal started off with a glass of water, and a fruit salad appetizer with a side of granola and almonds.

Followed by a fluffy, pink pancake topped with fruit and powdered sugar. The meal ended with my favorite dessert, chewy chocolate chip cookies.Thank you girls for making this mother’s day feel like mother’s day, it didnt feel like just another day of me in the kitchen and that was exactly what they wanted. It wasnt just about the meal that was made. It was all of the little details that made me realize how much my girls know me and what I like. The lite up candles and the Mason jar filled with flowers, the classical music that played in the background. A cup of coffee would have been enough, but all of the extras made this day a day I will remember for a long time to come.


I love watching Liam as he discovers the world around him. He is definatley in his zone when he is out doors. His favorite way of discovering things right now is by tasting and chewing everything. Discovery through play is beginning and it’s one of my favorite times. I love this little poem titled Play Days I found in our Treasury of Mother Goose Rhymes book.

How many days has my baby to play?

Saturday, Sunday, Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday;

Saturday, Sunday, Monday,

Hop away, skip away,

My baby wants to play.

My baby wants to play every day.


Liam, may your days of play never be limited.