Happy 10th

My last little lady turned 10 today! I remember saying to myself all year, “ok, she’s still 9, still my little baby” and now she is officially double digits. My goodness the time has flied. So many good times. Lia adds so much spice into our lives. She definitely cracks us up with her funny comments and amazes us with her mature insights. Her birthday requests was to have a day off from school, she “slept in” until 6:30 am which she called a treat. She requested to go fishing with dad in the morning, then a little beach trip with myself and Liam. Bake a cake with me, she ended up making her own cake all by herself! She requested homemade empanadas and fries for dinner and just hang out with her family! Next week she will be celebrating with family in which she asked to have a cake decorating party!  She got to make her own birthday cake! And she made this entirely by herself! My jaw dropped when I saw it completed. But this is lia, she is capable of anything!It took me so long to cut this cake because it was just so gorgeous, how could I bring myself to cut it! Well let me say, it was just as yummy as it was gorgeous! Can’t wait to discover 10 year old Lia. We surprised her with a Polaroid camera in which she captured beautiful moments from her day. We love you Lia and hope you had the best day ever!

Flashback: life before kids

Hawaii 2004, on my honeymoon with daddy. No sign of you children for at least 3 years. Life seemed chaotic and crazy but actually it was very simple. I had time to take a picture with a bunch of birds on my head! I had no clue what life was really about. This picture is kinda funny, fast forward 17 years and there’s 4 kids hanging around my head just like this.


I don’t wish I could go back because the present has so much to offer, but some days I wish I could just revisit these little girls who have grown so beautifully in front of my eyes. I didn’t miss a thing and I’m so happy with all of the time I invested in raising you. I didn’t sacrifice anything because every moment spent with you was worth more than anything in this world. So happy for the wisdom of knowing that things will wait, but growing up happens fast. So proud of the young ladies you’re becoming. Grateful to be on this journey of motherhood with you.

Mom’s Day

Happy Mother’s day to those who are here with us and those who have passed. Mother’s, Grandmother’s, aunts, neighbors and friends who have helped to shape us into who we’ve become and give us the wisdom to raise good humans. I love you mom. Safta, not a day goes by that we don’t miss you. Happy mother’s day.

100 years!

Today would have been your 100th birthday! We all assumed we’d celebrate this day with you here on earth, but 94 was your lucky number. I feel blessed to have spent 37 years with you, it wasn’t enough but its more than I could have ever asked for. We miss you so much. Miss your wisdom the most. So much going on in this world today, I wonder what you’d say about it. I miss our trips to homedepot, finding you working in your shed, talks about life, watching you drink your wine, eating meals with you, the classical music that played all day in the background and just sitting with you in the back yard. You lived a complete life, a simple one. You lived by example showing us all what mattered most. “Life is wonderful” you’d say, and you were right. Happy birthday dad!


Its been years since I’ve marched to the beat of my own drum. I remember the simple routine of going to work, coming home, eating dinner and watching a favorite show or working on some project of interest, but right now in this season, its not only about me. Marriage, 4 kids, chickens, a dog, a house, no one agreeing on dinner, constant arguing, laundry that reminds me of how big and blessed my family is, these days I’m marching to the beat of an entire band. I know it’s not forever, so I work hard each day to be mindful and absorb as much of the moments as I can, because I know sooner or later I’ll find my own beat again. I’m definitely not a lead drummer and I don’t like playing solo, so having all of these rhythms throughout the day make me feel so alive and full of purpose. The kids definitely lead and i just adjust the tunes here and there. Its tough keeping everyone happy and meeting the needs of everyone but when we finally find that harmony, it feels good. We’ve learned to play nice together and some days we don’t but I think our family makes a pretty good band! Right now we have a nice rythm to our day. It feels good! We all start our day together, eating, chatting and getting ready for the day, then off to school, work or play. Late afternoon we all come home again and chat about daily drama, tests taken or new words spoken. A couple of hours in between dinner time are spent doing homework, chatting/texting with friends, playing, or watching a video and soon we come together for dinner. Some nights are chaotic dinners where everyone is talking and no one is listening, kids screaming and parents too, along with their eyes crossed and some dinners are filled with laughter and togetherness, either way we’ve rarely missed a dinner together and I cherish each meal we’ve shared. Evenings are spent cleaning up, making more messes, playing, yelling, some phone time, sometimes playing games, sitting by a fire, taking a walk and finally ending up on the couch to watch a show picked by the kids, falling asleep and waking everyone up to go upstairs and drift off to dreamland. Next day I thank God that I get to do it all over again.


I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I want my girls to go back to being little. I reflect on the days that they were 2,4 and 6. The days where things went as I planned and they spent hours playing along together in whatever activity I had set up for them. Days where problems were little and easily solved, days where singing and storytime made you a hero. I miss them little,  and would love to revisit those days, but I’m also enjoying how big and independent they’ve become and how now instead of me solving their problems we solve them together or they’re solving them on their own. I’m also relieved that they don’t need me to set up each and every activity for them, these days I can find them creating their own daily magic while I get the things I need to get done. Now a days I can find a 9 year old baking a cake entirely on her own. I don’t need to stop what I’m doing or say “hold on”, let me get everything ready. She’s fully equipped and capable and its such a wonderful treat, something I definitely couldn’t experience if they were still really little. Thank you Lia.

One moment

If I could live one moment for the rest of my life it would be this one right here. The afternoon sun was laying perfectly in all of the right places. The kids were scattered outside. One was clipping flowers, another was drawing with chalk, one was wandering around and one was photographing for me. The moment felt still and quiet and just perfect. No one fighting, surrounded by an abundance of natures beauty. We all felt the moment and agreed it was perfect.

Liam has a ball at the children’s museum

Born 6 months before the COVID Pandemic hit our earth, days of visiting museums and libraries feels like a thing of the past. Liam has spent most of his days running around the yard and the cul-de-sac. He’s definitely a nature boy at heart and as long as he has a ball to play with he is happy! Today we got free passes from the library and went off to visit the east end children’s museum. I figured it would be something different for him and it’d be nice for him to see other children. The Museum was incredibly organized! Upon arrival, waiting for us was a wagon with our name on it, in it were bins filled with items that corresponded to each center. I thought this was brilliant. Each family had their own items to use making it sanitary and safe for everyone. Of course the first thing that caught Liams eyes were the three balls in one of the bins. That’s all it took, one look and all he needed to entertain him in this beautiful happy place filled with all kinds of rooms and activities was a ball. I think he his obsessed? 

Crazy plant lady

I’ve always loved the look of plants. When I go to my moms house I feel like I’m at the botanical garden. It’s so bright and green with foliage draping down her spiral stair case. I’ve never believed myself to have a green thumb. The few plants I have throughout my home are alive and well but they are also the type of plants that don’t need much attention because if they did they would have died many years ago. The other night I finally had an opportunity to watch something of my choice and I looked for some homesteading show. We are looking to plant a garden this summer so I figured I’d find some interesting shows on it. But instead I came upon a woman named Summer Rayne Oakes and she literally has a jungle growing in her Brooklyn apartment. At first I thought omg crazy plant lady but I quickly became inspired by her and her passion for each and every plant she housed. There were so many beautiful varieties of plants and succulents and ferns. And her place exuded life and happiness. Since that night I’ve come upon a new interested and am so excited to explore it further. I always thought like many other false beliefs, either your born with it or your not. As I’m getting older my new belief is if you’re interested than It’s possible. And in this season of my life I’m interested in raising some plants, so that’s what I’m going to do. Just like my mother had learned to aquire a green thumb I know I can have one too. I started researching low light indoor plants and am trying to teach myself how to properly care for them. Today I brought home my first ZZ plant and a Fiddle Leaf Ficus. I didn’t even know these plants existed. They are so lovely and I’m so excited to welcome them into our home. I’m usually known as the lady with so many kids but I might be entering the season of crazy plant lady. I want my kids to always be curious and know that if they have enough interest in something than they can do it just as well as anyone else can. work hard, research and you can learn anything!